Little about me

I'm a 2019 IT Engineering Graduate from SRM IST. Born and raised in Asansol, West Bengal, my life took a giant leap turn when I explored the online world, understood a market problem while doing over 40+ internships, tested the PMF and eventually launched Picxele, a Gig Worker Platform. Currently Scaling the startup along with mentoring other student-led startups and investing!

My Expertise


Started Startup Journey from College and took full-time and Scaling.


Investing in Early Stage Startups in diverse sectors.


Mentoring First time founders to find PMF and help them grow.

Growth Marketer

Elevating companies growth by strategizing marketing plans.

Companies Invested

Participated in Seed and Angel Rounds of Early Stage Startups and helping founders to grow in their startup journey with the available resources.

Writing to teach,
teaching to learn

Sharing my entrepreneurial journey since college and how I built my startup while remaining bootstrapped.